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The Shock Doctrine

Synopsis[ edit ] The book has an introduction, a main body and a conclusion, divided into seven parts with a total of 21 chapters. But none of those will be fully effective without rethinking the very purpose of the corporation, a question that is too often outside the scope of debate.

She also distorts other Friedman quotes to support her case. In some cases, it should include employees of firms, often offshore, that contract solely with the parent company, and it might have to be adjusted based on industry sector—for example, a firm like Apple, where the average employee might be an engineer, will look much better than a firm like Costco, even though Costco pays very well for its sector.

The effects of this behavior, particularly with CEOs in the financial industry, can be measured in higher share-price volatility meaning large swings in share prices and in bank failures, such as those of andwhich had profound consequences for the broader financial and economic system.

It would be complex, but not impossible, to structure tax incentives for CEO pay based on the measures Hess identifies. As a result, most political theorists and nearly all economists argue that capitalism is the most efficient and productive system of exchange.


Research suggests global per-capita income was unchanged between the rise of agricultural societies through approximatelywhen the roots of the first Industrial Revolution took hold. Nobles fought to hire enough serfs to keep their estates running and many trades suddenly needed to train outsiders, as entire guild Milton friedman doctrine were wiped out.

During a natural disaster, a war, or a military coup, people are disoriented, confused, and preoccupied with their own immediate survival, allowing regimes to liberalize trade, to privatize, and to reduce public spending with little opposition. In particular, it relies on crises. Governments and central banks try to restrict or otherwise manipulate the forces of capitalism through fiscal and monetary policy in pursuit of finding the correct macroeconomic results.

Part 7 is about winners and losers of economic shock therapy — how small groups will often do very well by moving into luxurious gated communities while large sections of the population are left with decaying public infrastructure, declining incomes and increased unemployment. A leader in the U.

Since the Keynesian revolution in the first half of the 20th century, mixed economic policies have typically centered around state-measured economic aggregates. This approach views shareholders as the economic engine of the organization and the only group to which the firm must be socially responsible.

Many Native American tribes existed with elements of these arrangements. At a time when CEO pay was less than 40 times what the typical worker earned the multiple is now more thanMichael C. In economic booms, CEO pay skyrockets and, after the inevitable bust, it attracts attention—as the million-dollar paychecks of executives such as W.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. The standard spectrum of economic systems places laissez-faire capitalism at one extreme and a complete planned economy like socialism or communism at the other.

He advocates that the shareholders can then decide for themselves what social initiatives to take part in rather than having their appointed executive, whom they appointed for business reasons, decide for them.

Beautiful Trouble

The chief villain in her story is Milton Friedman, the economist who did more than anyone in the 20th century to popularize free market ideas. Even though Klein is dead wrong about Friedman, she may well be right in her broader thesis that it's easier to liberalize in times of crisis, and that there is a close connection between economic liberalization and political violence.

Milton Friedman

But precisely the same argument applies to the newer phenomenon of calling upon stockholders to require corporations to exercise social responsibility the recent G. Part 1 begins with a chapter on psychiatric shock therapy and the covert experiments conducted by the psychiatrist Ewen Cameron in collusion with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Hess also challenges the idea that corporate success should expect earnings growth to be continuous and linear. This led to the formation of a middle class that began to lift more and more people from the lower classes to swell its ranks. Klein twists this relationship beyond recognition, claiming Pinochet's coup was executed to allow free market economists "the Chicago Boys," as the economists from Friedman's University of Chicago were called to enact their reforms.

The primary concern of the socialist model is the redistribution of wealth and resources from the rich to the poor, out of fairness and to ensure equality in opportunity and equality of outcome. The theory of consumption is another area in which Friedman contributed.

It has also drawn praise from mainstream reviewers: Most notably, she links him to Augusto Pinochet's brutal military dictatorship in Chile in the s, writing that Friedman acted as "adviser to the Chilean dictator. In such trades, each party gains extra subjective value, or profit, from the transaction.

German corporations like VW are far friendlier than their U. For example, people would contract with protection agencies, perhaps in a manner similar to how they contract with insurance agencies, to protect their life, liberty and property. The socialist-based economy incorporates elements of centralized economic planningutilized to ensure conformity and to encourage equality of opportunity and economic outcome.

Friedman cleverly termed his later theory the natural rate of unemployment, thereby enlisting nature on his side. The mixed economy has elements of both central planning and unplanned private business.

Friedman doctrine

However, whereas these Keynesian economists understood the limits of the market and the importance of government in making capitalism work for ordinary people, Friedman did not.a meaningless distinction, for implied in Friedman's argument is the notion that because businesses are not moral persons, they cannot therefore have responsibilities.

This is true enough if Friedman were speaking of moral responsibility: since businesses are ‘legal fictions’ and not moral persons, they can have no moral responsibility. Capitalism is an economic system whereby capital goods are owned by individuals or companies.

Milton Friedman takes a shareholder approach to social responsibility. This approach views shareholders as the economic engine of the organization and the only group to.

Milton Friedman (Brooklyn, 31 luglio – San Francisco, 16 novembre ) è stato un economista statunitense, esponente principale della scuola di suo pensiero ed i suoi studi hanno influenzato molte teorie economiche, soprattutto in campo monetario.

Fondatore del pensiero monetarista, è stato insignito del Premio Nobel per l'economia nel Joseph Stiglitz blames the ideas of fellow Nobel laureate economist, the late Milton Friedman, for contributing to toxic byproducts of capitalism in the US. When even Jack Welch can see that Milton Friedman’s doctrine was no eternal rule, but one economist’s theory with no basis in law, then business schools, economics departments, and financial journalists should be able to do the same.

Milton friedman doctrine
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